Commonwealth Contracting Installs Roofing.

Commonwealth Contracting Installs a total roof system. There are many facets to a roof system and all must be addressed to get the most life out of a roof.

*Proper ventilation allows fresh air to be drawn from the eaves and escape at the peak with a ridge vent or box vents. Fresh air is vital for longevity of a roof.

*Ice barrier on eaves in valleys and flashing points is a great source of protection. This peel and stick product gives homeowners and roofers alike piece of mind.

*Underlayment keeps sheathing from absorbing oils from shingles which causes shingles to become brittle before there time and fail.

*A quality shingle in todays market boast a 30yr warranty with warranty's up to 50yrs. Choosing the right look for your home is a breeze with Commonwealth Contracting. Commonwealth Contracting provides a 5 yr. warranty against leaks from installation.

*Commonwealth Contracting also installs epdm/rubber roofing on low slopes as well as roof coating.

Call Commonwealth Contracting for all your roofing needs.

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