Insulation has come along way baby! No more are the days of stinky, itchy and messy insulation that loses its R-Value over night. Here at Commonwealth Contracting we install non-settling attic insulation, meaning it never loses its R-value. Which in return means the homeowner doesn't spend their hard earned cash to watch their investment lose it's value. A minimal investment can have huge returns over time. Give the professionals at Commonwealth a call today.

  • Lower the amount of heat transferred into your home in the summer
  • and out of your home in the winter. The most effective way to cut these costs is to lower the amount of heat transferred into your home in the summer and out of your home in the winter. All heat transfer begins with radiation. Infrared rays or heat waves are radiated in a direct line from any heat source whether it be the sun, a fire, or the electric element of a space heater. These heat waves are either reflected or absorbed by any object that they come in contact with. Call Commonwealth Contracting.
  • The Department of Energy recommends up to a R-49 for attics in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This is equal to approximately 16" of fiberglass insulation. Most older homes have between 3" and 6" of insulation.

    The attic is one of the easiest and most important areas of a home to insulate. Heat rises and if your home doesn't have the adequate insulation or R-value your heat will continue to rise right through your ceiling and out your roof causing your energy bill to sky rocket. The same is true on those hot summer days that the Commonwealth experiences every summer. The hot sun penetrates the roof, and if there is no barrier the heat continues into your living space causing your air conditioner to work overtime. If your experiencing high energy bills, here at Commonwealth Contracting we can help alleviate your issues with a non settling fiberglass insulation, ask about attic barrier and how it can also help save money.

    Commonwealth Contracting installs non-settling attic insulation.

    Commonwealth Contracting installs attic insulation.
    Commonwealth installs attic insulation.

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